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Does Buying in Bulk Save Money: Sam's Club vs. Regular Store ...
Does Buying in Bulk Save Money: Sam's Club vs. Regular Store ...
I get asked a lot: “What about warehouse clubs?” I fight the urge to answer back with a quick “you aren’t saving anything”. Personally I haven’t found ...

I know for some of you looking at the price per ounce, you are thinking “that’s only 5¢ more and I don’t have to use coupons”. I agree that Sams offers you little to no savings if you are a couponer, but BJ’s does. I agree with you on these items.

I like the idea of being able to use and stack coupons there. I think I will give it a try now, with your recommendations… Funny that you mention the avocados. What’s the point of “stockpiling” a dozen boxes of pop tarts, microwave dinners, and mini-pizzas? Is that that a good value, even if it’s free? I say not. The prices alone only are close to sale prices, but when you add the coupons, plus strategic shopping, you can pay less. But, I am happy with the balance i’ve maintained, & the savings & also the balance of getting HEALTHY stuff (cheaper now with qs) — even if I’m paying more than what I might with coupons on other items.

15 Best and Worst Deals at Sam's Club | GOBankingRates
15 Best and Worst Deals at Sam’s Club From tires to TVs, here are the best and worst Sam’s Club deals. zyrtec generic bj's Top Ten Things to Buy at Costco - The Frugal GirlBefore Aldi came into my life, I was a bigger Costco shopper than I am now. These days, I find that Aldi has better prices than Costco in a lot of cases, and at Aldi ...

I see a coupon that makes the net cheeper (like LandOLakes will have 50c off 2, but that doesn’t make it cheaper than buying the house brand. I’d love to hear what you feel are the best Costco bargains!  What do you always buy there? Good list! If you wear contact lenses or need glasses – the Costco optical department carries ones that are about half price of what you can buy anywhere else. Once I consider the price of acquiring coupons, a lot of my savings is gone.

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    I also love the baked goods, and we love pasta in my house so I get pasta and cheese, and sometime sauces. I went to Costco with my friend once and was not at all impressed.

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    There are the things I regualarly buy there: 6. I find that purchasing the bigger bottles will last on average 3 months for my family.

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    Do you find that the ink is similar in quality to the official Canon ink? And does this work with the electronic, blinking Canon cartridges? I found a huge bottle of margarita mix there for $8. As a frugal spinster (old maid for those of you who don’t know what a spinster is) bulk purchases aren’t as important to me as they are for a growing family.

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    I have noticed at the grocery stores, even on sale items they limit the coupons… my publix has even started putting the coupon books behind the counter so people have to ask for them bc customers were taking piles at a time. The best I could do was to match that last week when HT had their store brand grated cheese on sale for $1.

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    The whole point of this blog is that it is about couponing. BJs is often cheaper than the grocery.

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    At Sam’s you pay $4 for two loaves, not to mention we can hardly use two loaves before it goes bad (it’s just the two of us). I always buy dog food – the kirklands brand of dog food is so much cheaper than what you buy in the store and it’s good quality – I will only buy dog food that the first ingredient is a meat (chicken, beef, etc) Some of the higher end brands don’t even start with meat but their brand does and it beats out the feed store and walmart on it’s price for the large bags! I did not know yeast was so inexpensive there … i will get getting it.

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